Soundset Artwork

Name: Dreamland
Requirements: Omnisphere 2
Number of sounds: 236
Format: Omnisphere 2
Style: Vintage, Oldschool, Analog

85 Arpeggios & Sequences
15 Drums & Percussion
25 Pads & Strings
16 Bass sounds
31 Synth & Leads
7 Textures & Soundscapes
7 Effects
​50 Multi sounds



​For Spectrasonics Omnisphere

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Arturia Minibrute 2

Dreamland is the 6th soundset in our series of soundsets for Omnisphere 2 where we focus on a piece of hardware, record the most important aspects of it, and recreate its characteristics in Omnisphere.

Dreamland is a collection of sounds based on the Minibrute 2 synthesizer made by French synthgurus Arturia. Minibrute 2 is a monophonic analog synthesizer with an amazing set of features, such as a built-in sequencer, FM and Ring Modulation and a patch bay where you can rewire the synth engine to your own liking.

"dreamland is all about analog mellowness based on the arturia minibrute 2 hardware synthesizer."

Arturia Minibrute 2
Arturia Minibrute 2
Arturia Minibrute 2

While the Minibrute synthesizers have a reputation of being hard and edgy, we took the Dreamland into the other end of the spectrum, and aimed for sounds with a mellow analog character. With Dreamland we sampled a large selection of its oscillators: from single waveforms and intervals, to FM, drums and experimental modulation sounds. Using these, we added classic analog style effects, such as phasers, chorus, analog delays and of a massive reverb at the end.

Apart from single presets, we combined another 50 sounds into complex multisounds.

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