Soundset Artwork

Name: MQXL
Requirements: Omnisphere 2
Number of sounds: 225
Format: Omnisphere 2
Style: Dance, Pop, EDM

30 Arpeggios & Sequences
26 Drums & Percussion
27 Effects
25 Pads & Strings
40 Bass sounds
37 Synth & Leads
​40 Multi sounds



​For Spectrasonics Omnisphere

29.90 Euro



Waldorf MicroQ

With MQXL we have reached the 13th release in our hardware-centric series of soundsets for Omnisphere, where we focus on one synthesizer, record the most important aspects of it, and recreate its characteristics in Omnisphere.

MQXL is a soundset based on the sound from the Waldorf MicroQ hardware synthesizer released back in the early 2000. The MicroQ was a virtual analog synthesizer, which many regarded as a budget alternative to the Access Virus synthesizer.

"the microq is a nostalgic love-letter to the earliest days of virtual analogs with a wonderful digital lofi character."

Waldorf MicroQ
Waldorf MicroQ
Waldorf MicroQ

The goal with MQXL was to bring back the sound of the MicroQ but re-imagined as if it would have been made today, with great analog filters and kick-ass effects.

This is the MicroQ for the modern age. Expanding on things that makes it better and keeping the flaws that made it unique.

To make things a bit more interesting, we also recorded a handful of basic waveforms and let them bake in the glow of the Elektron Analog Heat for an extra layer of saturated goodness. From those waveforms, we constructed new sounds re-imagining the sound of the MicroQ one step further.​

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