Soundset Artwork

Name: Monolith
Requirements: Omnisphere 2.8.5
Number of sounds: 318
Format: Omnisphere 2
Style: Progressive, Tech House, Pop

79 Arpeggios & Sequences
46 Drums & Percussion
16 Effects
37 Pads & Strings
45 Bass sounds
36 Synth & Leads
2 Textures & Soundscapes
6 Speech Synthesizer
51 Multi sounds



​For Spectrasonics Omnisphere

39.90 Euro



Elektron Monomachine

Monolith for Omnisphere is based on one of the most classic and celebrated Elektron grooveboxes of all time, the Monomachine. The Elektron Monomachine was produced between 2004 and 2016 and is a six-voice synthesizer, combined with a sequencer and multiple different sound engines, from classic synth waveforms and FM, to SID Chip emulation and Voice Synthesis inspired by the Texas Instruments Speak & Spell. Famous users of the Monomachine include Autechre, Chemical Brothers, The Knife and as legend tells it Mark Bell of LFO brought it to a gig without even first listening to it.

"we updated the classic sound of the monomachine for the modern age with more polyphony, better effects and multiple layers of waveforms."

Elektron Monomachine
Elektron Monomachine
Elektron Monomachine

The Monomachine comes with a proud heritage of Virtual Analog synths from the early 2000s, with a very versatile sound. It does FM well as traditional subtractive synth sounds, especially the SuperWave engine would make the old Roland JP8000 proud for fat detuned supersaws. And thanks to the digital engines it's even possible to get into a 90s ROMpler-vibe.

With Monolith we sampled a large amount of our favourite waveforms, including variations and intervals, as well as the classic Monomachine drums. We paired the sounds with the best effects and filters we felt worked best with the Monomachine. Our goal with Monolith was to make a revised and improved Monomachine aimed for electronic music.

For fun we also recorded a couple of words from a speech synthesizer.

BONUS Syntakine
As an inspirational bonus, we also recorded a handful of sounds from the Elektron Syntakt, which by many is regarded as a modern version of the Monomachine, following a similar structure with multiple digital engines, but also completely analog engines. For Syntakine we focused entirely on the digital engine of the Syntakt.


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