Soundset Artwork

Name: Le Freak
Requirements: Omnisphere 2
Number of sounds: 213
Format: Omnisphere 2
Style: Electronica, Pop, House

41 Arpeggios & Sequences
18 Drums & Percussion
4 Effects
26 Pads & Strings
23 Bass sounds
33 Synth & Leads
28 Speech & Vocoder phrases
​40 Multi sounds



​For Spectrasonics Omnisphere

29.90 Euro



Arturia Microfreak

Le Freak is number 12 in our hardware-centric series of soundsets for Omnisphere, where we focus on one synthesizer, record the most important aspects of it, and recreate its characteristics in Omnisphere.

Le Freak is based on the peculiar synthesizer Microfreak by french synthmaker Arturia. 

"the arturia microfreak is an impressive compact synthesizer with a tone that covers almost all synthesis techniques."

Arturia Microfreak
Arturia Microfreak
Arturia Microfreak

The Microfreak is a true chameleon of synths. In a way it’s like a Teenage Engineering OP1 in the way that it’s centred around different synth engines. It’s entirely digital and proud over it. Each engine has its own focus of generating sounds. From virtual analog and digital - to vocoder and a speech synthesizer.

In other words, it’s the perfect candidate to sample and integrate into Omnisphere. Since the MIcrofreak doesn’t have a niched focus its character is all over the place - old-school, vintage, modern and experimental - we decided to transform the Microfreak into a supercharged Megafreak. More of everything!

Apart from the clean synthesizer tones, we also recorded all the speech synthesizer phrases and added a handful of vocoder phrases as well.​

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